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creepy / пресмыкающийся, ползучий, бросающий в дрожь
имя прилагательное
creepy, reptile, creeping, repent
creeping, creepy, rambling, sprawling, procumbent, repent
бросающий в дрожь
имя прилагательное
causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.
the creepy feelings one often gets in a strange house
It is a land of ghosts and creepy discarded toys, if you're brave enough to look.
This just feeds my fear of being some immediately identifiable creepy weirdo.
This isn't a debate, it's not politics, it's something ugly and ignorant and creepy .
There's a creepy moment when you catch sight of your own bottom reflected in the changing room mirror.
In fact, it made me feel very creepy , but let me say that I have seen much worse from famous people.
I picked up the soundtrack in Brighton for a mere tenner, and it's every bit as wonderful and creepy as the film.
People still cling to the story about the girl who was lured by some creepy idiot.
Watch out in particular for a very creepy Italian man on a trans-continental train!
Like all good fairy tales it can be creepy and scary, but it also has a real feeling of darkness running through it.
I love this chapter and there may even be a horrible creepy cliff hanger at the end!