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creep / ползучесть, крип, содрогание
имя существительное
shudder, wince, shiver, creeps, creep, jim-jams
crawl, creep, grovel
crawl, creep, scramble, ramp, ramble, worm
creep, creep up, stalk, creep in, creep into
имя существительное
a detestable person.
Unfortunately, these creeps are hiding behind the First Amendment and doing things that in no civilized society should be tolerated.
slow movement, especially at a steady but almost imperceptible pace.
an attempt to prevent this slow creep of costs
move slowly and carefully, especially in order to avoid being heard or noticed.
he crept downstairs, hardly making any noise
(of an unwanted and negative characteristic or fact) occur or develop gradually and almost imperceptibly.
errors crept into his game
stones and earth slowly slip down the slopes by soil creep
young piglets spend most of their time in the creep
Wendy took off, wailing and crying about me being some heartless creep with no consideration for her feelings.
Besides, if the guy was a creep , he would have done something last night.
Many artificial polymers share characteristic patterns of stress relaxation and creep compliance with time.
However, the persistence of fault creep does pose a costly nuisance in terms of maintenance and repair.
The processes result in improvements in yield strength, toughness and resistance to stress corrosion cracking, fatigue and creep .
The two stage trigger did exhibit some creep , but was light and broke crisply.
Falling onto the floor, I heard that creep laugh and he ran away.
When the seed sprouts and the vine begins to creep along the ground, it seems it will never quit (similar to other squash).