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credo / кредо, убеждения, символ веры
имя существительное
credo, creed
creed, credo, gospel
символ веры
creed, credo
имя существительное
a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions.
he announced his credo in his first editorial
He wasn't aware that my credo is that he who criticizes the last topic becomes the new topic.
When does less than full belief in a professed credo become actionable fraud if one is soliciting gifts or legacies?
I knew him, and well enough to understand both his credo and the spirit that spurred him on as a musical creator.
This is the credo by which I am genetically and irreversibly bound to live.
But having grown up under the credo that information should be free, they see no reason to pay for news.
Its credo espouses values such as integrity, offering the best value and service, and sustainability.
I strongly agree with her basic stance, and with the points of her credo .
But his mother did teach him to stand up for himself and that is the credo that he now brings to his children, four sons and three daughters.
he announced his credo in his first editorial
he announced his credo in his first editorial