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creditor / кредитор
имя существительное
creditor, lender, obligee
имя существительное
a person or company to whom money is owed.
Profits from the new company would be used to pay back farmer creditors some of the money due to them.
The bank first borrows from the saver and then loans the money to the creditor .
As an unsecured creditor , you might consider taking legal action to recover your debt.
Sometimes the debtor has to bear severe loss, while the creditor goes on minting money.
The creditor could sue the debtor, sell the mortgage securities or sue the surety.
creditor banks
A creditor would have to hire a lawyer in the other jurisdiction and begin the court case all over again.
You drastically cut back on basic necessities such as food or travel to pay creditors .
Corporations in need of funds have to convince creditors to lend them money.
The majority of creditors are large corporations and insurance and reinsurance companies.
If you make arrangements to pay some creditors but not others, you could run into difficulties again.