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credential / мандат, рекомендация, удостоверение личности
имя существительное
mandate, credential, warrant
recommendation, guidance, reference, testimonial, prescription, credential
удостоверение личности
identity card, ID card, credential
имя прилагательное
mandatory, credential
имя существительное
a qualification, achievement, personal quality, or aspect of a person's background, typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something.
recruitment is based mainly on academic credentials
Dishonest managers commonly embellish their résumés by hyping their investment experience or academic credentials .
Trusts which are anxious to show their governance credentials will identify innovators as low risk targets for attention.
I have the right credentials and qualities to turn it around but unfortunately it's not going to happen
Obviously, no one was reading carefully or checking credentials there.
He began filling out a second document, entitled Personal Data Sheet, in which he was asked to spell out his academic credentials .
It also has authorized more money for background checks so job applicants' academic credentials can be more thoroughly investigated.
His academic credentials are impressive and include a doctorate in economics and teaching stints at several universities.
Have you heard about their background or their credentials ?
Checking out his credentials proved to be a difficult task.
Service Police, more than ever, need credentials to be easily identifiable to our own personnel, coalition forces and civilians.