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creature / создание, тварь, творение
имя существительное
creature, creation, development, making, formation, coinage
creature, beast
creation, creature, perpetration
имя существительное
an animal, as distinct from a human being.
night sounds of birds and other creatures
a creature from outer space
If you've ever looked into the eyes of a chimp or gorilla there's no denying that lurch of recognition for a fellow creature obviously capable of complex thoughts and feelings.
Spin fantasies in your head, she's probably the most charming and intelligent creature on earth.
She was as much a creature of the control freaks as any of the weaker members of the front bench.
Rachel moved her eyes down to this charming creature 's face.
And Irma, that vain, wretched creature , would never take such an unnecessary risk to herself as that.
the village teacher was expected to be the creature of his employer
you heartless creature!
He said: ‘I just thought she was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen in my life and I had to find out about her.’
you heartless creature!