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creation / создание, творение, творчество
имя существительное
creature, creation, development, making, formation, coinage
creation, creature, perpetration
creation, oeuvre
имя существительное
the action or process of bringing something into existence.
the creation of a coalition government
the bringing into of existence of the universe, especially when regarded as an act of God.
When preaching to pagans, they first preached Creation , and then the life and work of Christ.
the action or process of investing someone with a new rank or title.
His process of musical creation is of deep significance to human imagination and will.
It is a good reminder that the Divine presence exists in all of creation , not just in man.
Bloggers are not some new creation , but the newest set of the barbarians at the gates.
In the present age, the whole creation awaits liberation from bondage.
U.S. troops were pivotal in the defeat of Hitler and creation of a democratic German state.
job creation
Turkey still bans strikes, five years after the creation of its export processing zone.
Paul establishes the fact that from nature one can know that creation has a creator.
Yet it is exactly the films that attempt to show the painstaking process of canvas creation that are the most successful.
I think wealth creation is undoubtedly something that we need to do in society.