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create / создавать, творить, делать
create, build, establish, make, produce, form
do, make, create, pull, set about, confect
bring (something) into existence.
he created a thirty-acre lake
How far can we use the imagination to create a videogame that brings someone to nirvana?
The existence of multiple official languages must create occasional headaches.
The system, if adopted, is predicted to bring in revenues of nearly £50 billion and create two million jobs.
If these bodies are left around any longer they will create disease and bring harm to the people.
And it was fantastic to watch our great actors create such magnificent characters.
it'll create confusion
It is a prime cause of substance abuse and divorce and can ultimately create a state of tension and chaos in the office and at home.
At the same time, the Commission was not brought into being to create a historical document.
In its draft resolutions, the ANC called on all levels of government to create projects that generated jobs.
Plans to rejuvenate the River Eden could create dozens of new jobs and bring millions of pounds into the local economy, according to a new report.