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crease / складка, сгиб, морщина
имя существительное
fold, crease, pleat, wrinkle, tuck, plica
fold, bend, crease, ply, flexion, flexure
wrinkle, cockle, ruck, corrugation, line, crease
crush, crumple, rumple, crease, wrinkle, tumble
делать складки
pleat, crease, pucker, tuck, frounce, ruckle
wrinkle, crumple, crush, crease
имя прилагательное
wrinkly, rugose, lined, crinkly, furrowed, crease
имя существительное
a line or ridge produced on paper or cloth by folding, pressing, or crushing it.
khaki trousers with knife-edge creases
an area around the goal in ice hockey or lacrosse that attacking players may not normally enter unless the puck or ball has already done so.
They'll shoot from the blue line and sweep in pucks around the crease .
make a crease in (cloth or paper).
he sank into the chair, careful not to crease his dinner jacket
(of a bullet) graze (someone or something), causing little damage.
a bullet creased his thigh
You never want to fire a pass through traffic or slide that puck across the crease - because you'll pay for it.
Her eyes furrowed in deep crease , as she gingerly tapped the bridge of her nose.
After arriving at the batting crease on the fourth evening, he made a cautious start, scoring only six runs off his first 35 balls.
We plan to keep him at the crease so the scoring-rate slows down.
Jo could imitate anybody and always made him crease up
He liked the way sometimes a little crease wrinkled the side of her nose when she laughed.
The key is to fold the item, but avoid creating a sharp crease .
The crease of worry in his forehead only deepened.
As you place your paper tile in position, crease the paper (as you push it into the corner or curve) as tightly as you can possibly get it.
Make a crease in the center of each triangle by folding in half.