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creamer / кувшин для молока, молочный сепаратор
имя существительное
кувшин для молока
молочный сепаратор
имя существительное
a cream or milk substitute for adding to coffee or tea.
Alex prayed that Dan hadn't used the milk for creamer in his coffee.
a small jug for cream.
Teresa had already placed the creamer and sugar bowl on the table as well as butter and a pitcher of maple syrup.
a flat dish used for skimming the cream off milk.
Almost as if annoyed by my slowness, my father slid the coffee creamer over to me.
She slowly sipped her cup of coffee with gingerbread creamer and looked around the small room.
Jon also offers advice to aspiring voice talent: don't drink coke or coffee with creamer , but lemons and water are great!
The service typically included serving pots, slop bowl, covered sugar, creamer , tea caddy and spoon tray all of silver.
She placed four mugs of coffee onto a tray, along with the sugar and creamer , and carried it to the living room.
It's your call if you want veggie links or meat sausages, and you can choose rice, soy or real creamer for your coffee.
Their drinks menu is impressive despite the lack of cappuccino, and I settled for a small vodka with ice and a coffee with creamer for later.
Junior poured himself a mug of coffee, and stirred in a spoonful of powdered creamer .
He neglected breakfast for two pots of coffee that he drank with heavy sugar and creamer .
And you don't have any American coffee creamer .