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cream / крем, сливки, цвет
имя существительное
cream, custard
cream, plum, head
blossom, color, bloom, flower, coloring, cream
имя прилагательное
cream, creamy, ice-cream
кремового цвета
cream, cream-colored, cream-coloured
foam, cream, froth, effervesce, scum, seethe
снимать сливки
skim the cream off, cream
добавлять сливки
имя существительное
the thick white or pale yellow fatty liquid that rises to the top when milk is left to stand and that can be eaten as an accompaniment to desserts or used as a cooking ingredient.
strawberries and cream
a thick liquid or semisolid cosmetic or medical preparation applied to the skin.
shaving cream
the very best of a group of people or things.
the paper's readership is the cream of American society
a very pale yellow or off-white color.
the dress is available in white or cream
work (butter, typically with sugar) to form a smooth soft paste.
In another bowl she creamed the butter and sugar using the electric whisk Jack gave her, then added the eggs.
rub a cosmetic cream into (the skin).
Madge was creaming her face in front of the mirror
defeat (someone) heavily, especially in a sports contest.
He wasn't about to let Saki humiliate him by first ruining his computer and then creaming him.
(of a person) be sexually aroused, especially to the point of producing sexual secretions.
Mix tuna, egg, cheese and cream of mushroom soup together in a casserole dish with a wooden spoon until mixture is somewhat uniform.
The more time she spent with Leon, the more she wanted Chris to cream him at the strategic game.
Jim filled his doorway, face half covered in shaving cream , eyebrows creased with concern.
the paper's readership is the cream of American society
the dress is available in white or cream
On another station there was a baked salmon ‘Wellington’ in puff pastry, with three sauces, a seafood paella and a cream of seafood soup.
Instead of shaving cream , use lotion or hair conditioner to shave.
Usually, recipes tell you to cream the butter with the sugar before adding the eggs.
Saturday is Breeders' Cup day Stateside, with the cream of American and European talent flocking to Belmont Park on the East Coast for a quite exhilarating series of races.
Put the chocolate into a blender and pour on the hot milk and cream and leave to stand for one minute.