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crazy / сумасшедший, безумный, шальной
имя прилагательное
crazy, madman, mad, lunatic, crazed, demented
insane, mad, crazy, frantic, reckless, lunatic
crazy, mad, wild, slaphappy
имя существительное
psycho, crazy, loony, nut, nutcase, nutter
fanatic, zealot, bigot, devotee, sectarian, crazy
extremely, highly, exceedingly, enormously, particularly, crazy
имя прилагательное
mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.
Stella went crazy and assaulted a visitor
extremely enthusiastic.
I'm crazy about Cindy
(of an angle) appearing absurdly out of place or in an unlikely position.
the monument leaned at a crazy angle
имя существительное
a mentally deranged person.
Was she the daughter of weirdos and crazies like the ones her father had claimed just now?
No wonder some kids aren't so crazy about books.
I clean them carefully but the itch is driving me crazy .
A smaller apartment block lay at a crazy angle, the higher floors collapsed in on lower ones, which had been pulverised.
I am not crazy about the color, but I love the design.
I have two pairs of slippers now, but I'm not crazy about either one.
So while he comes out looking like the hapless victim of wilful misinterpretation, Carol is portrayed as mentally fragile and misguided, if not downright crazy .
I'd never had the experience before of growing disenchanted with a girlfriend who I'd once been so crazy about.
One of my colleagues asked me, a few hours in to the working day, whether the dripping sound was driving me crazy .
He leapt again - at the window this time, barely making it shudder as the chair bounced off it at a crazy angle, ballooned out of his hands and almost struck Owen in the head as it glided across the corridor.
You'd have to be crazy to bring such obvious karmic repercussions down on yourself.