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crayfish / рак, речной рак, лангуст
имя существительное
cancer, carcinoma, lobster, crayfish, crawfish
речной рак
crayfish, crawfish
crayfish, spiny lobster, crawfish, rocky lobster
crayfish, spiny lobster, crawfish, rocky lobster
десятиногий морской рак
crawfish, crayfish
пятиться как рак
идти на попятный
beat a retreat, cry off, crawfish, backpedal, off, crayfish
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, crayfish
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is looking into moving white-claw crayfish to safe rivers.
As we clambered through the breakdown above the stream we saw several crayfish , which had apparently been washed in by the storm earlier in the week.
Looking that way, he saw a pair of raccoons dunking their paws in the river, obviously after crayfish .
It escaped, of course, like all imports do, and is now wiping out the much smaller native crayfish in the rushing streams of the Yorkshire Dales.
Land crabs, river crayfish , opossum, agouti, and fish are caught where available.
However, aquaculture also includes the farming of other aquatic animals such as: molluscs (including oysters, abalone, mussels and scallops); crustaceans (such as shrimps, prawns, freshwater and marine crayfish ); and aquatic plants (seaweeds).
The Palinuridae family includes the commercially exploited crustaceans of Australia that are known as rock lobsters, spiny crayfish and marine crayfish .
The spiny, or rock, lobsters, found in warm seas of both hemispheres, are actually marine crayfish (genus Panulirus); they lack claws but have sharp spines on the carapace.
He pointed to recent archaeological investigations which indicated that Maori had overexploited resources such as seals, marine crayfish and birds of several varieties.
Lobsters, crabs, prawns, bay bugs, freshwater and marine crayfish all belong to the phylum Arthropoda, the group which also contains insects.