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crawler / гусеничный
имя прилагательное
crawler, caterpillar
имя существительное
гусеничный ход
crawler, caterpillar
гусеничный трактор
caterpillar tractor, crawler, caterpillar, cat
groveller, crawler, toadeater, groveler
имя существительное
a thing that crawls or moves at a slow pace, especially an insect.
All stages of the insect, except the crawler and the adult male, secrete a covering that lies over its dorsum for protection.
a program that systematically browses the World Wide Web in order to create an index of data.
Search engine crawlers will crawl web pages periodically for updated contents.
Fifty workers using five crawler cranes will be at the site six days a week.
One of the most important aspects of new models of crawler dozers is the comfort of the operator.
Table 4 gives examples of time needed to clear land using two different sizes of crawler tractors.
The whole assembly was carried to the launch pad on a vehicle known as a crawler transporter.
An example of a ‘group’ linked cost is the cost of providing crawler lanes for heavy vehicles.
The crawler lane is intended to be a safety feature.
To avoid interfering with steel erection, the precast seating risers followed the steel at night, using the same crawler cranes.
Eradicating the crawler lane would mean heavy lorries slowing down the traffic up Golden Hill.
Essex Crane, which serves contractors nationwide, owns 500 crawler cranes in its fleet.
The surface of the road is to be replaced, and the crawler lane is to be closed and turned into a single lane road.