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crawl / ползать, ползти, елозить
crawl, creep, grovel
crawl, creep, scramble, ramp, ramble, worm
имя существительное
crawl, crawl stroke
медленное движение
drag, crawl
имя существительное
an act of moving on one's hands and knees or dragging one's body along the ground.
they began the crawl back to their own lines
a swimming stroke involving alternate overarm movements and rapid kicks of the legs.
The crawl stroke, with flutter kick, had been introduced into competitive swimming a few years earlier by another Aussie.
a strip or band running across the bottom of a computer or television screen, within which news headlines, public service announcements, and advertisements are continuously scrolled.
(of a person) move forward on the hands and knees or by dragging the body close to the ground.
they crawled out from under the table
behave obsequiously or ingratiatingly in the hope of gaining someone's favor.
don't come crawling back to me later when you realize your mistake
be covered or crowded with insects or people, to an extent that is disgusting or objectionable.
the place was crawling with soldiers
(of a program) systematically visit (a number of web pages) in order to create an index of data.
its automated software robots crawl websites, grabbing copies of pages to index
If you live in London, Manchester or any of our big cities a daily crawl is absolutely normal and I remember a daily journey of at least one hour - for ever.
Mack and I dove on the ground and began to crawl forward.
His men began at a jog, which became a walk and then a crawl before they finally shook themselves towards the end.
glazes can crawl away from a crack in the piece
I have a straight arm recovery on front crawl so am limited to certain drills.
When swimming front crawl , to which side do you breathe, and what is your usual handedness?
they began the crawl back to their own lines
So popular was the gala that the number of events had to be restricted to the front crawl and the backstroke because such a large number of competitors turned up.
Every week almost a million cars crawl over the Jacques Cartier Bridge alone.
So, aside from flies, he had no qualms about letting insects crawl all over him.