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cravat / галстук, шейный платок, шарф
имя существительное
tie, necktie, cravat, scarf, neckcloth, overlay
шейный платок
neckerchief, cravat, neckcloth, handkerchief
scarf, muffler, neckerchief, cravat, kerchief, throw
надевать галстук
имя существительное
a short, wide strip of fabric worn by men around the neck and tucked inside an open-necked shirt.
The bridegroom is able to hire his choice of morning suit or dinner suit, tuxedo, shirt and cravat or bow tie.
The emperor's jacket was unbuttoned, his lace cravat untied, and his crown of golden leaves sitting crooked atop uncombed dark hair.
There's a dapper old gent with a blazer and a cravat sitting two seats head of me.
These days, moustache and cravat are optional, but highly recommended.
Truly he was a vision of charm in his navy jacket, cream-colored dress shirt, black cravat , and brown trousers.
He murmured, tucking his chin into his cravat sulkily.
Steve Martin, incidentally, isn't wearing a bow-tie but is wearing a proper formal cravat as opposed to a black necktie out of the sock drawer.
You'd be hard pressed to buy any decent Heidelberg school paintings in Australia let alone getting into the serious, cravat wearing Impressionist buyer's scene.
I can't imagine there were many 10 year old cravat wearing ‘southerners’ in the area at the time.
He was dressed in black breeches, a white loose shirt and cravat , and a long black jacket.
Now if we can only get Fred to ditch that stupid cravat .