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crash / крах, крушение, авария
имя существительное
collapse, crash, ruin, down, wreckage, wreck
crash, collapse, wreck, ruin, wreckage, derailment
accident, crash, failure, emergency, breakdown, fault
имя прилагательное
intensive, intense, high, crash, rich, violent
emergency, crash, trouble, wreck, wreckage, jury
pressing, clamorous, crash
break up, break, divide, split, smash, crash
fall, drop, tumble, go down, sink, crash
терпеть крах
crash, collapse, fall, go
с грохотом
с треском
crash, smack, snap
имя существительное
a violent collision, typically of one vehicle with another or with an obstacle.
a car crash
a sudden loud noise as of something breaking or hitting another object.
he slammed the phone down with a crash
a sudden disastrous drop in the value or price of something, especially shares of stock.
a stock market crash
a sudden failure which puts a system out of action.
It is believed the fault was linked to an operation centre at West Drayton as air traffic controllers switched to a manual system during the computer crash .
a coarse plain linen, woolen, or cotton fabric, used for curtains and towels.
(of a vehicle) collide violently with an obstacle or another vehicle.
the stolen car she was riding in crashed into a tree
move or cause to move with force, speed, and sudden loud noise.
huge waves crashed down on us
(of a business, a market, or a price) fall suddenly and disastrously in value.
silver prices crashed in early 1980
(of a machine, system, or software) fail suddenly.
the project was postponed because the computer crashed
enter (a party) without an invitation or permission.
Grounded for the evening, the two sisters sneak out and decide to crash a party.
имя прилагательное
done rapidly or urgently and involving a concentrated effort.
a crash course in Italian
with a sudden loud sound.
crash went the bolt
As is usual in the case of an aircraft crash , many unidentifiable small pieces of aluminum and steel also surfaced.
The big question now is whether art prices will crash in 2002.
Jack, and 47 others, survives a plane crash on a remote Pacific island.
Suddenly, they hear a crash of thunder and see a flicker of lightening.
Well, we're going to figure out what caused a fiery plane crash in Colorado.
Tributes were paid yesterday to young sweethearts who were killed in a horrific car crash at an accident blackspot.
A high-speed head-on car crash claimed the lives of a teenager and two elderly women, an inquest heard.
I don't get people who sit back and rack up the dollars, charging for interviews after they survive a plane crash .
One of the key triggers to a price crash is rising unemployment.
On our second meeting, Hien introduced me to her parents-in-law, and I was immediately given a crash course in Vietnamese table manners.