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cranberry / клюква
имя существительное
cranberry, mooseberry, bog-berry, moss-berry
имя существительное
a small, red, acid berry used in cooking.
It is likely to apply to cranberries and cranberry sauce as well as juice.
the evergreen dwarf shrub of the heath family that yields this fruit.
Gorse, heather and cranberry cover the open areas and ancient forests of oak, hazel and holly grow higher up.
Foulshaw boasts a huge variety of plants and animals, including the cranberry , bog rosemary, heath butterfly and bog bush cricket.
There's also a pretty good chance that we could have a last minute substitution for the cranberry relish.
Flavors include pineapple with strawberries, and citrus with orange, lemon and cranberry .
Berman explained that the studies were done using regular cranberry juice cocktail.
cranberry sauce
Unfortunately the eastern wetland flora is not confined to cranberry farms in the Pacific Northwest.
If you buy cranberry juice cocktail, drink four glasses a day.
The Chicken itself was served with mashed potatoes and an apple / cranberry sauce.
Add cranberry cocktail and combine with kiwi by massaging mixture together.
The main course was going to be a roast duck, served with cranberry stuffing and scalloped potatoes.