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cramped / ограниченный, стесненный, неразборчивый
имя прилагательное
limited, bounded, restricted, confined, finite, cramped
cramped, constrained, uneasy, straitened, embarrassed, pinched
illegible, indiscriminate, promiscuous, unintelligible, unreadable, cramped
имя прилагательное
feeling or causing someone to feel uncomfortably confined or hemmed in by lack of space.
the staff had to work in cramped conditions
suffering from a cramp.
cramped muscles
restrict or inhibit the development of.
tighter rules will cramp economic growth
fasten with a cramp or cramps.
cramp the gates to the posts
suffer from sudden and painful contractions of a muscle or muscles.
Her hand had such low muscle tone that it cramped painfully as she tried to control the pencil when she wrote.
Herman stood up, stretched his slightly cramped muscles, and made his way to his personal quarters.
She, however, wanted to show me how unappetizing the food was and how cramped the living conditions were.
Legs cramped from running, I slumped down onto the floor and burst into tears.
Black risks taking on a cramped position with backward development in order to test both players' positional abilities.
It was too cramped up in the trunk, really, so I was glad when we could get out.
I explored two small stores, each of which was cramped , narrow, and unchanged since their construction in the 50s.
Her eyes sped across the paper, taking in every letter of her cramped penmanship.
It was a bit cramped and very claustrophobic.
I heard the front door and looked up from the papers spread out on the desk, my cramped handwriting covering just about every square inch.
The letters were carved in a cramped scrawl, moonlight etching the crevices and staining the shadows silver.