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cramp / стеснять, мешать, вызывать судорогу
constrain, embarrass, cramp, pinch, incommode, straiten
interfere, disturb, prevent, stir, interrupt, cramp
вызывать судорогу
имя существительное
spasm, cramp, convulsion, twitch, kink
spasm, cramp
clamp, clip, brace, shackle, staple, cramp
имя прилагательное
трудный для понимания
abstruse, abstract, recondite, impalpable, cramp
limited, bounded, restricted, confined, finite, cramp
имя существительное
a painful, involuntary contraction of a muscle or muscles, typically caused by fatigue or strain.
he suffered severe cramps in his foot
a tool, typically shaped like a capital G, for clamping two objects together for gluing or other work.
Clamping dovetails is not easy but I have found that it is possible to glue them up without cramps at all.
restrict or inhibit the development of.
tighter rules will cramp economic growth
fasten with a cramp or cramps.
cramp the gates to the posts
suffer from sudden and painful contractions of a muscle or muscles.
Her hand had such low muscle tone that it cramped painfully as she tried to control the pencil when she wrote.
There are a number of possible reasons for muscles to cramp up.
cramp the gates to the posts
What if his muscles started to cramp due to a lack of warm-up exercise?
Heat exhaustion may have been complicated in Radcliffe's case by heat cramp .
She opened and closed her hands to relieve the cramp that was building in them.
In most cases, the cramp occurs as a result of repetitive exercise.
I've been sitting in this position for a good 2 1/2 hours and my muscles are starting to cramp up.
Why do our legs cramp up as we're waking up?
Heart muscle may cramp when it needs more oxygen because of exertion, emotion, or exposure to cold.
an attack of cramp