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craggy / скалистый, крутой, изобилующий скалами
имя прилагательное
rocky, craggy, iron-bound, rock-ribbed
steep, abrupt, tough, sharp, precipitous, craggy
изобилующий скалами
имя прилагательное
(of a landscape) having many crags.
a craggy coastline
An experienced climber shouted ‘safe’ from the top of a craggy rock face.
Green hills turned to blue-grey, a little more craggy here, a bit mountainous there.
With his craggy face and a pocketful of smokes, this mysterious new Marlboro Man is none other than: Bob Dole.
In the Mediterranean, I've seen large, robust fig trees sprouting from craggy slopes and fractured rock cliffs.
Northern Ireland is recognizable by its lush green countryside and stout mountains leading down to a steep and craggy shoreline.
You'll quickly reach Petit Byahaut, a small bay surrounded by green hills and craggy cliffs.
These mountains were much more craggy and rocky.
It can evoke craggy mountains one moment, spidery cilia the next.
It was an almost cheerful looking wizard, if that craggy old face being twisted into a smile could be called cheerful.
A stone bridge arcs over a waterway in one image and a craggy bit of coastline appears in another.