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crafty / хитрый, коварный, ловкий
имя прилагательное
cunning, tricky, sly, artful, crafty, wily
insidious, treacherous, cunning, crafty, wily, scheming
deft, clever, dexterous, nimble, artful, crafty
имя прилагательное
clever at achieving one's aims by indirect or deceitful methods.
a crafty crook faked an injury to escape from prison
of, involving, or relating to the making of decorative objects and other things by hand.
a market full of crafty pots and interesting earrings
She glanced back along the corridor to where Hank still stood watching, and a crafty smile tilted her lips.
The carrot-and-stick strategy at first seemed ingenious or at least crafty .
"Oh, he's much too crafty for that, " replied Armand.
This year, a lot of GMs have pulled off some crafty trades and astute free-agent signings.
The tiger was too careful and too crafty to reveal himself just like that.
Beware of a crafty and clever individual who can talk you into making a bad financial deal.
She's very crafty … but, of course, I'm the one who agreed to it.
The government has wised up to the crafty ways of the wily general.
My neighbors include a family of armadillos, a crafty old opossum and a resourceful raccoon.
Sunday morning, Tracy, her mother, and I went shopping at a couple of cute little crafty stores.