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craftsman / ремесленник, художник, искусный мастер
имя существительное
artisan, craftsman, handicraftsman, artificer, tradesman, mechanic
artist, painter, craftsman
искусный мастер
имя существительное
a person who is skilled in a particular craft.
This is often due to the scarcity of skilled builders, craftsmen and gardeners.
Gerry was a very talented craftsman who could turn his hand to any job and did excellent work.
He was a gifted craftsman and carpenter and his expertise was much sought after in the Tubbercurry and surrounding areas.
Come listen to a master craftsman work his trade as only he can.
Vegetables, too are welcome garnishes, and they don't have to be carved by a master craftsman .
There artists and craftsmen produced everything from metalwork and furniture to embroideries and mosaics.
The emperor also sought the skills of expert craftsmen from other cities and countries.
The Persian kings employed highly skilled craftsmen from all the 23 peoples under their sway.
The temples require urgent restoration by skilled craftsmen who work on heritage structures.
The few things that could not be produced at home were bought from local craftsmen .
The centrepiece of this colourful quarter is the magnificent Chinese Arch, built by the finest craftsmen of Beijing.