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craft / ремесло, самолет, судно
имя существительное
craft, trade, handicraft, metier, making
aircraft, plane, airplane, craft, ship, machine
vessel, ship, boat, craft, bedpan, hovercraft
имя прилагательное
shop, craft, workshop
имя существительное
an activity involving skill in making things by hand.
the craft of bookbinding
a boat or ship.
sailing craft
exercise skill in making (something).
he crafted the chair lovingly
At the earliest age possible I joined the Craft - and discovered my Father was a freemason.
As all the wise teachers of the Craft agree, the Lodge is a Cradle and initiation is birth
All three of these guys are veterans, each adept at crafting perfect solos with formulae tried by time.
They were crafted from wagon spring steel, one of the few sources of steel available to blacksmiths in 1863.
Traffic on the River Ouse consists almost entirely of pleasure craft these days.
More than 20 stalls will be selling a wide variety of local crafts including artwork, woodcarvings and food.
It will feature two floors of galleries as well as a shop on the ground floor selling gifts and crafts .
It is expected that some well known craftsmen will display their crafts at the fair.
Crafted from the highest-quality spring steel I had, these shoes will compliment any office cube or trophy case.
the craft of bookbinding