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cradle / колыбель, люлька, рама
имя существительное
cradle, home, nurse
cradle, hanging stage
frame, rack, chassis, framework, cradle, carriage
lull, cradle, hush, lullaby, rock, sopite
wash, rinse, flush, clean, irrigate, cradle
качать как в люльке
имя существительное
an infant's bed or crib, typically one mounted on rockers.
Cribs, cradles and bassinets are traditionally woven from wickerwork.
a framework resembling a cradle, in particular.
Content can also be displayed on a TV via the docking cradle .
hold gently and protectively.
she cradled his head in her arms
place (a telephone receiver) in its cradle.
Dad cradled the receiver just as the glob I flicked from my spoon landed directly on my brother's nose.
Kosovo, in the south, is considered the cradle of Serbian civilization.
Another handy new feature is the USB download cradle .
The cradle of the country's private businesses, it still suffers from its past today.
However, they had all known each other from the cradle .
Preventative therapies for osteoporosis are the first line of defence and can begin from the cradle .
Cameron jumped up and went to get the phone from the cradle in the kitchen.
It felt as if we were the contents of a cradle sifting out precious gold from the riverbank.
There was an old desk and an empty cradle to a portable phone.
Darla returned the phone to its cradle on her nightstand, and fell asleep again.
In our Party we understand that those needs extend from the cradle to the grave.