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crackling / треск, хруст, крепитация
имя существительное
crack, crash, crackling, crackle, rattle, snap
crunch, crackle, crackling, scrunch, crepitation
crepitus, crackling
имя прилагательное
crisp, crispy, crunchy, crackling, crackly, crimp
brilliant, shiny, shining, bright, glossy, crackling
sparkling, glistening, brilliant, flashing, incandescent, crackling
имя существительное
the crisp, fatty skin of roast pork.
The skin crisps to crunchy cracklings , and the meat melts with juicy tenderness.
make a rapid succession of slight cracking noises.
the fire suddenly crackled and spat sparks
he had a splendid bit of crackling in his arms
I'll never stop eating meat, especially the crackling off roast pork.
Plenty of tender, pink meat, with the original touch of being cooked into crispy crackling on top.
His head filled with visions of tender roast pork with crispy brown crackling , he set off down the street.
There was a blast of a c-sharp, a child's cry and the smell of pork crackling on the breeze.
I changed my diet a whole back to avoid things I knew to be pure fat like chicken skin and crackling off pork.
Roast loin of Cumbrian pork with crisp crackling carved over a salad of vine tomatoes, Aegean olives, feta cheese and olive oil.
It has crisp, golden crackling and tender, juicy meat.
A roast seems right somehow, be it a piece of velvety beef or a joint of golden pork with its glistening coat of crackling .
Again, the meat was tender and its base was covered in a strip of crispy crackling , the top coated in a sage and onion stuffing.