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crackle / треск, потрескивание, хруст
имя существительное
crack, crash, crackling, crackle, rattle, snap
crackle, crepitation, grinder, grinders
crunch, crackle, crackling, scrunch, crepitation
crunch, crackle, crisp, crepitate, scrunch
crackle, crepitate
crack, splutter, crackle, rattle, chatter, clack
имя существительное
a sound made up of a rapid succession of slight cracking sounds.
there was a crackle and a whine from the microphone
a pattern of minute surface cracks on painted or varnished surfaces, glazed ceramics, or glass.
She also creates crackle finishes, which makes the frame truly customized.
make a rapid succession of slight cracking noises.
the fire suddenly crackled and spat sparks
The crackle varnish of recent years provides a geological quality probably inspired by the Porcelain series of works by a 1990s collaborator, Heather Straka.
Vary the thickness of your crackle glaze until you obtain the desired appearance.
there was a crackle and a whine from the microphone
there was a crackle and a whine from the microphone
The air between us seems to crackle and fizz with tension.
I threw it back and spun around when I heard a loud crackle .
The cave was silent except for an occasional crackle from the dying fire.
"All the time I was climbing over the wreckage, I could hear the crackle of flames.
Her line deliveries crackle with a wit and grace all but absent in today's market.
There was a loud crackle of flames, and it was over.