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cracker / крекер, шутиха, дробилка
имя существительное
cracker, pinwheel, squib, fizgig, spitdevil, flip-flap
crusher, mill, grinder, breaker, cracker, disintegrator
pauper, beggar, cracker, deadbeat, poor body, down-and-outer
Apollo, cracker, good-looker
имя существительное
a thin, crisp wafer often eaten with cheese or other savory toppings.
She grabbed a few crackers and cream cheese, grabbed her backpack, and hiked upstairs to start.
a person or thing that cracks.
Any right minded code cracker would know what he just told me.
a fine example of something.
don't miss this cracker of a CD
a paper cylinder that is pulled apart at Christmas or other celebrations, making a sharp noise and releasing a small toy or other novelty.
And after their roast turkey dinner, the gang pulled the crackers and donned the paper hats.
I ripped the package open and shoved a cracker into my mouth, whole.
An absolute cracker of a match is confidently expected.
The company suffered a series of accidents, culminating in a blaze at its catalytic cracker .
When the police find someone slain, they call on their resident cracker to interrogate.
Each would make a creamy, rich covering for your whole-grain cracker .
Light olefins from the fluid catalytic cracker are processed in either hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid units.
In the other semi-final, Bishopthorpe edged out Pickering Town on penalties after a cracker of a match.
The youngster's face lit up after pulling a cracker with the bubbly mayor - before settling down for a Christmas meal with his family.
Well, we're all set for what should be an absolute cracker of a game.
Joe Cole scored a cracker of a goal, but Norwich were certainly not outclassed, except up front.