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crabbed / неразборчивый, раздражительный, сердитый
имя прилагательное
illegible, indiscriminate, promiscuous, unintelligible, unreadable, crabbed
irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy, crabbed
angry, grumpy, irate, cross, gruff, crabbed
имя прилагательное
(of handwriting) ill-formed and hard to decipher.
The crabbed handwriting was identical to the one on the note.
a crabbed, unhappy middle age
move sideways or obliquely.
he began crabbing sideways across the roof
fish for crabs.
They used to go duck hunting and crabbing and fishing and that's how they survived and raised all the family.
grumble, typically about something petty.
on picnics, I would crab about sand in my food
act so as to spoil.
you're trying to crab my act
It's a crabbed , narrow, unforgiving quality that was alive and well particularly for a couple of decades after the war.
Plotinus wrote these treatises in a crabbed and difficult Greek.
I felt crabbed and stinging-eyed and almost tore her head off.
A furry arm snaked out, hung a sign in a crabbed script, then whisked out of sight again.
But this crabbed , Hobbesian spirit of social Darwinism has been bested before, and we can overcome it again.
I have again spent too long reading Klessa's crabbed writing.
She felt the attraction of libertine narrative in a less crabbed way than some of her better-known works might lead us to believe.
Thirty-four years after I made this crabbed notation - ‘Mr. Chapman and guest.’
Noah has taken all the family's worries on himself, and he's in danger of turning into a crabbed old man.
Epstein's crabbed view of autonomy also highlights the bankruptcy of the libertarian view of child-rearing.