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crab / краб, лебедка, дикая яблоня
имя существительное
winch, windlass, hoist, crab, jenny, gig
дикая яблоня
имя прилагательное
irritable, rambunctious, grumpy, irascible, touchy, crab
придирчиво критиковать
scratch, scrabble, scrape, claw, clapperclaw, crab
царапать когтями
имя существительное
a crustacean with a broad carapace, stalked eyes, and five pairs of legs, the first pair of which are modified as pincers. Crabs are abundant on many shores, especially in the tropics, where some have become adapted to life on land.
Without warning the stalks supporting the crab 's beady black eyes shoot straight up at me.
a louse that infests human body hair, especially in the genital region, causing extreme irritation.
The third species is the pubic louse, Phthirus pubis, commonly known as the crab louse .
a machine for picking up and lifting heavy weights.
an irritable person.
I snickered, and asked, ‘Did you at least manage to blast that old crab into smithereens?’
move sideways or obliquely.
he began crabbing sideways across the roof
fish for crabs.
They used to go duck hunting and crabbing and fishing and that's how they survived and raised all the family.
grumble, typically about something petty.
on picnics, I would crab about sand in my food
act so as to spoil.
you're trying to crab my act
Will I be able to catch the mud crab ?
I'd had enough and leveled off, because the winds were causing us to crab significantly.
Callaloo is a mixture of okra and puréed dasheen leaves, with either crab or salted pork added for flavor.
People can be infested with three types of lice: body lice, head lice and crab or pubic lice.
Clean spanner crabs and break crab into portions.
The girl started scuttling backward, mindful of the fact that she probably looked like a crusty old crab .
The seasoning was an Old Bay seasoning which, I believe, usually goes with crab and other sea food.
The buffet is a mountainous feast of crab , salmon, prawns and beef.
Other foods high in zinc include oysters, crab , and fortified cereals.
on picnics, I would crab about sand in my food