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cozy / уютный, удобный, укромный
имя прилагательное
cozy, comfortable, snug, homely, comfy, homelike
convenient, comfortable, easy, handy, comfy, cozy
secluded, quiet, cozy, secret, snug, cosy
имя существительное
стеганый чехол
cozy, cosy
имя прилагательное
giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.
a cozy cabin tucked away in the trees
имя существительное
a cover to keep a teapot hot.
White your tea steeps, keep it hot with a teapot cozy .
give (someone) a feeling of comfort or complacency.
she cozied him, pretending to find him irresistibly attractive
Everything about him felt soft and warm and cozy and comfortable and, more than anything, safe.
Afterward, they gather around the fireplace to drink beer, tell stories, and woozily stroll back to their cabins to sink into cozy loft beds.
Thick quilts provide the inspiration for jackets and coats, conveying cozy warmth plus convincing lightness.
He was cozy enough with management that he was allowed to attend board meetings.
Next, find a comfortable and cozy thing to sit upon.
I reminisce for a fleeting moment about breezy Saturday nights, meaningful movies, black cozy couches and the comfort of a brawny shoulder to rest on.
The August air seems warm and cozy around me, surrounding me in a deep haze.
It was a lovely family moment, full of cuddling and hugging and cozy fun.
True, the beer cozy is perhaps not the most practical invention in a country that prefers its beer cold.
Despite the risk of ruin and long days, life in the sugarhouse is a joy amidst the sweet steam rising through the roof vent and the cozy warmth of the fire.