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coyote / койот, луговой волк, негодяй
имя существительное
coyote, prairie wolf
луговой волк
coyote, prairie wolf
scoundrel, villain, rascal, wretch, rogue, coyote
имя существительное
a wolflike wild dog native to North America.
There are 36 species of Canidae, including dogs, wolves, coyotes , jackals and foxes.
a person who smuggles Latin Americans across the US border, typically for a high fee.
at the bus station, there were coyotes offering to drive us to Los Angeles
With a blink, his eyes adjusted and decided it was either a wild dog or a wolf or a coyote .
Daniel paid a coyote who took him to the hills near Mexicali with 20 others who waited for the right time to cross.
My brother and I were brought over by a coyote who took us to a remote location where we had to squirm under a fence and then run for dear life.
Sonia's husband, a coyote , relied on his borderland knowledge to track her after she fled across the border.
If the coyote (the smuggler) doesn't kill the immigrant, the desert or Border Patrol likely will.
The busboy will be working long hours until he earns back the $2000 it cost in coyote fees to get across the border.
Whitetail deer, coyote , red fox, snowshoe hare and raccoon often make appearances.
His only choice was to travel to Tijuana and hire a coyote (immigrant smuggler) to take him across the border.
The red wolf is larger than a coyote and smaller than a gray wolf.
His remarks were typical of the government to attribute the death toll on the border to the coyotes .