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coxswain / рулевой, старшина шлюпки
имя существительное
helmsman, steersman, coxswain, cox, wheelman, wheelsman
старшина шлюпки
coxswain, cockswain, cox
имя существительное
the steersman of a ship's boat, lifeboat, racing boat, or other boat.
Three heats with the top three boats qualifying for the final left it up to the coxswains to call the race plan.
Each of the four participating countries entered thirteen rowers - five women, seven men and a coxswain .
His late father was a coxswain on a boat, his mother a factory worker.
The boat's coxswain will need to know where you are long before you surface.
It's not often you get to witness a relaxed coxswain .
When the tender is safely alongside the ship, climb aboard when the coxswain tells you to.
The coxswain sped his boat further on, arrows and bullets whizzing past their heads.
As a coxswain , Presacan will be an essential part of her rowing team.
The coxswain gets a situation report from the coastguard and picks his crew.
The sailors and coxswain running the whaleboat pushed off again to help the others towing away the wreckage.
The coxswain may ask you to swim away from the reef at this time.