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coxa / тазобедренный сустав
имя существительное
the hipbone or hip joint.
The hip bone or os coxae is not subject to great variation.
Offspring from each female were measured from the rostrum to the end of the last large coxa .
These are the trochanter, which acts as a swivel joint for the leg, and the coxa , which anchors the leg to the body.
The leg of the latter has few segments: coxa , basis, and perhaps four endopod segments.
First the skin tears under the carapace just above the coxae of the legs.
The space between the inguinal ligament and the coxal bone is divided by the iliopectineal arch.
The sacrum, coccyx, and the two coxal bones form the pelvis.
The hip bone or os coxae is not subject to great variation.
Such particles were further comminuted between the coxal spines and ridges.
The acetabulum is a hemispherical socket formed in the os coxae of a newborn.
Conversely, coxal glands of many chelicerates have substantial similarities with this organ.