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cox / рулевой, старшина шлюпки
старшина шлюпки
имя существительное
helmsman, steersman, coxswain, cox, wheelman, wheelsman
старшина шлюпки
coxswain, cockswain, cox
имя существительное
a coxswain, especially of a racing boat.
The Rowing Council are sponsoring three seminars educating coxes about the racing line on the Championship course.
act as a coxswain for (a racing boat or crew).
the winning eight was coxed by a woman
имя существительное
the enzyme cyclooxygenase, which is required for the formation of prostaglandins and is blocked by painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen.
In sweep rowing events, the rower nearest the cox - the stroke - is vital as they set the rhythm of the boat.
And Aitkin seems to be destined to be our cox , in a strange reversal of tradition.
The cox gave the sprint call earlier than planned to get away from the Chinese.
The responsibilities of the cox are emphasised together with the responsibilities of clubs to coach steering and navigation.
In return the cox steered and motivated the crew.
Hodge's position in the eight-man crew was as stroke man, opposite the cox .
I would never have become a cox if I had grown to the height of my brother.
France's cox goes in the drink after winning the lightweight eight.
‘Our cox was spending most of her time bailing us out,’ said Susannah.
Of course, the whole problem could be avoided if the rowers would just keep their eyes on the cox .