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cowslip / первоцвет, калужница болотная
имя существительное
primrose, cowslip, primula, bird's-eye
калужница болотная
marsh marigold, cowslip, king-cup
имя существительное
a European primula with clusters of drooping fragrant yellow flowers in spring, growing on dry grassy banks and in pasture.
Banks of primroses, drifts of bluebells and clusters of cowslips are now found only in secret, out-of-the-way places.
any of a number of herbaceous plants, in particular.
A dewdrop fell from the petal of a lone cowslip growing by the garden wall.
I know a bank whereon the wild thyme blows, where oxlips and the nodding cowslip grow.
There are flowers running the gamut from native wildflowers such as the cowslip to exotic foreigners.
Primula florindae, the Himalayan cowslip , was the next in the sequence to flower, starting in late June and finishing at the end of July.
Primrose, cowslip , lady's mantle, bugle, thrift, clustered bellflower are widely available in garden centres, but are all natives.
In the damp fields surrounding the streams I found cowslip , self heal and mayflower.
The crocus, the cowslip and its near relation, the primrose and the other early wild flowers will soon follow.
A dewdrop fell from the petal of a lone cowslip growing by the garden wall.
The P. veris of Linnaeus's time is still to this day known as the cowslip .
Other partners for pink daffodils include lavender cowslips .
We rounded the corner and there, in the sunlight, was a vision of massed giant Tibetan cowslips , a beautiful saffron.