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cowshed / коровник, хлев
имя существительное
cowshed, barn, byre
stable, cowshed, stall, pigsty, pigpen, piggery
имя существительное
a farm building in which cattle are kept when not in a pasture, or in which they are milked.
It's a mixture of habitable buildings, several disused farms, cowsheds and what was probably once a pigsty.
The forge at Coppenagh was used as a store and later as a cowshed .
‘You can't get away from the fact that you're still in a cowshed ,’ he says.
That member might have some vague and fond memories of being in a cowshed , looking up, and thinking that life is good.
And instead of the boardroom, this show will be shot in a cowshed .
Visiting the remote village where her ancestors lived, Syal retrieves a stone from the ruined family home - now a cowshed .
Our cowshed has seen some repairs, the thatch is re-laid annually and old worm-infested wooden pole and frames are replaced.
That evening, as she took the rice gruel to the cowshed after straining the cooked rice, she screamed out in terror.
For help with the structural side of the cowshed , he called on old school friend Tom Hotter, also an engineer.
Her studio is a former cowshed on the edge of a wildlife area in Prunje, Holland.
Then we were kicked out and went to live in a cowshed .