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cowpox / коровья оспа
имя существительное
коровья оспа
cowpox, vaccinia
имя существительное
a viral disease of cows' udders which, when contracted by humans through contact, resembles mild smallpox, and was the basis of the first smallpox vaccines.
The process induced cowpox , a mild viral disease that conferred immunity to smallpox.
Other viruses in this group that can cause infection in humans include variola, vaccinia (used in smallpox vaccine), and cowpox viruses.
Having been inoculated with cowpox , Phipps was now immune to smallpox.
Here's an electron microscope image of a herpes virus and here's the cowpox virus.
In 1796, Jenner began to infect people first with the far more benign cowpox and then with smallpox.
And it should be noted, no one has given the cowpox to anyone else, either.
Injecting yourself with a cowpox vaccine or medicine made of mould must once have seemed very alternative.
He showed that cowpox vaccination prevented smallpox in a child deliberately exposed to the disease.
Unlike vaccination, which utilised the cowpox virus, inoculation involved the deliberate infection of a susceptible individual.
The cowpox virus, which infects a range of animals including humans, has been genetically altered in a similar way.
Jim had only slept that late once, the week and a half when he had gotten the cowpox .