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cowling / капот, обтекатель
имя существительное
hood, bonnet, cowl, capote, cowling, housecoat
cowl, fairing, cowling
имя существительное
the removable cover of a vehicle or aircraft engine.
The aircraft had full NACA cowlings and new nacelles while fabric replaced metal covering on the control surfaces.
It had several holes in the cowling to allow more air to flow through the engine compartment.
As I approached, I noticed that my student seemed fascinated by the engine cowling .
Erroneously though, he also states that the ‘Section Leader’ band on the fuselage is painted Red as is the engine cowling .
The new aircraft would, obviously, need a new cowling to house the Wasp Major while the cockpit was also redesigned.
Similarly, there is a trio of panels atop the cowling and just aft of the firewall that provide access to avionics.
Was a tool left by accident in the engine cowling ?
The huge cowling and four-blade propeller gave a hint of the power available from the R - 4360.
The Pitts S - 1C had damage to its propeller tips, engine cowling , and the leading edge of its top left wing.
In many cases, we can't even do a thorough inspection of the engine compartment because the cowling only has an oil door.
The carburetor on the Velie engine hung beneath the engine and was completely exposed below the cowling .