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cowlick / вихор, чуб
имя существительное
cowlick, duck tail
forelock, cowlick
имя существительное
a lock of hair that grows in a direction different from the rest and that resists being combed flat.
a little sprig of a cowlick stood up on the back of her head
But gradually the door creaked open, though all I could see was a cowlick and the crown of what I thought was a juvenile's head.
Use the clippies to add lift at the hairline or to trick a cowlick into submission.
He adjusted his tie and slicked back his cowlick , ready for the prowl.
Wisps of white, thinning hair stood up around the electronic appendage in an adorable old guy cowlick .
The boy-leader looked younger again, with the cowlick and the grin that he tried to fight down.
a little sprig of a cowlick stood up on the back of her head
Trap the cowlick between them, pull it into position and blow-dry.
His hair was brown, and a cowlick stood out from the crown of his head.
Zeke leaned over, his white-gloved hands splayed on the counter, and his shaggy, ruffled black hair forming a cowlick .
his hair was cut short with a cowlick dropping over at the front