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cowl / капот, обтекатель, капюшон
имя существительное
hood, bonnet, cowl, capote, cowling, housecoat
cowl, fairing, cowling
hood, cowl, cape, biggin, tippet, capuche
надевать капюшон
постригать в монахи
cowl, make a monk
имя существительное
a large loose hood, especially one forming part of a monk's habit.
The scapula was meant to protect the chemise, and had a built in hood or cowl .
The craft had the cowl , upper wing surface, and tail painted bright yellow.
In one fluid movement, he discarded cowl and robe, and stood girded in his mail of scorched black iron.
A new and improved cowl had been designed and built, but otherwise the racer was basically the same.
A new cowl sits on a shelf beside several others.
He stood behind them, eyes peering out under the black cowl .
It's a rose-pink bias-cut cocktail dress with a cowl neckline, and little rose-pink beads scattered down the front.
He said as he clasped the cowl of a cloak around his neck.
Three basic versions are available - the chassis cab, crew cab and the chassis cowl .
Once the cowl and inspection covers have been removed, it's time to begin using the checklist.
From the landing gear, a single bracing wire extended into the cowl and was fixed to the motor mount.