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cowhide / воловья кожа, воловья шкура
имя существительное
воловья кожа
cowhide, neat's leather
воловья шкура
cowhide, oxhide, neat's leather
стегать ремнем
имя существительное
a cow's hide.
The saddle is made of a single animal skin, here a tanned cowhide .
Growing up on an Idaho ranch, he learned to work cowhide from his father, a rawhide braider in the Spanish tradition.
Traditionally, Chagga clothing was made of cowhide .
The boy's ‘village’ was made up of cowhide tents with different designs painted on.
This is a traditionally lined holster, with smooth-out top-grade cowhide on both inner and outer surfaces of the holster.
Other styles to look out for are cowhide , ethnic, pearl embroidery and mother of pearl effect.
Leopard and tiger prints, feathers, suede and cowhide with fringe, and a jump in fur sales are all recent trends.
Lambskin is similar in texture to cowhide although finer.
The holsters are hand-stitched using the finest leather, horsehide, cowhide , sharkskin and exotics like ostrich and stingray.
Made of cowhide , metal, glass, coloured foil and wood, these are strange creatures indeed.
He then put a piece of cowhide through each stone making them necklaces.