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cowherd / пастух, скотник
имя существительное
shepherd, herdsman, cowherd, goatherd, cowboy, herd
cattleman, cowherd
имя существительное
a person who tends grazing cattle.
Schools and shops closed: milkmaids and cowherds had taken a holiday.
The satyr holds a long cowherd 's horn in his hands.
A cowherd leads cows down a rural road at Reit im Winkl, Germany.
He was a cowherd and his wife was a maidservant.
The much-despised Munnuswamy, was a cowherd who sold milk to the people in the Big House.
Zuma worked as a cowherd to supplement his mother's meagre income.
Born among those who tend cattle, the cowherd Krishna indulged in endless pranks.
As a result he was scolded by the cowherd 's wife as a lazy ‘good-for-nothing,’.
I have watched a cowherd lean on his staff, in silent waters that hide his worn feet.
As an adolescent Krishna was seen as a flute-playing cowherd , enticing the village girls to come and dance to the tunes.
Telemachus joins him with the cowherd and the swineherd.