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cowgirl / пастушка
имя существительное
a female equivalent of a cowboy, especially as represented in westerns and novels.
Cowboys and cowgirls dressed in lavish Western attire vied for attention and prizes.
Let's start with something easy: the traditional cowboy / cowgirl get-up.
The rodeo setting itself, centering upon cowboy and cowgirl stardom, is an important part of the Western popular tradition.
Biscuits are apparently a cowboy or cowgirl 's food of choice.
That's because she's a total cowgirl straight from the Westerns.
It ain't easy being a creepy Louisiana cowgirl .
I wanted to be a nurse, an actress, a singer, a cowgirl , a doctor, and a million other things.
The four teens turned to face a red hair cowgirl .
They usually have a stuffed head attached and come in a variety of different costumes from French maid to cowgirl .
I told him to go find some pretty cowgirl , but I think he intends to spend all of his time at electronics gaming parlors.
If memory serves, O'Connor was an actual, not figurative, cowgirl .