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cowbell / колокольчик на шее коровы
имя существительное
колокольчик на шее коровы
имя существительное
a bell hung around a cow's neck in order to help locate the animal by the noise it makes.
We could revert to our childhood and have a bit of plastic flapping against the spokes or maybe just an alpine cowbell round our necks?
A cowbell and trumpet, coupled with a white noise washout of a climax make for a stunning introduction.
The 50 cm plaster duck has a little cowbell on its neck, to prove that it's really not alive, as the cowbell remains silent.
The silence is broken only by the tinkle of a distant cowbell .
Just as you come off the gondola, there's the ski bar, where the patron rings his cowbell to entice you in.
This time with lyrics, ba-ba-bas, and I think I detected a cowbell in there as well.
In fact, the high bongo plays on an offbeat while the cowbell simply marks the beat.
With its waltzing piano intro, the cowbell works over-time to rein in the myriad hisses, whirs, and reverberating noises.
The cowbell is a symbol of rock 'n' roll excellence, concentrated in one ‘conk’ sound.
For someone who has always been a fan of high alpine meadows, it seemed a cruel irony to be dragged from sleep by a cowbell .
Do I have to jump up and down like a monkey, with a cowbell around my neck for anyone to notice me?