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covey / выводок, стайка, стая
имя существительное
brood, litter, clutch, hatch, covey, aerie
covey, pod
flock, pack, flight, school, swarm, covey
имя существительное
a small party or flock of birds, especially partridge.
Instead of holding individual territories, both species form coveys , which are flocks of 4-6 fused family groups.
Now, however, a covey of intellectuals have suggested that technology has changed the battlefield again.
As I strolled along a heavily used game trail, a covey of wild turkeys fled before me and hid in a thicket of wild roses.
A covey of sprightly grey partridge look back and trundle on.
That mother plant rewarded me with a covey , each bloom yielding numerous seeds.
We park in the draw where the hunter's dog first jumped a small covey of Hungarian partridge.
The working stiff is not a white-collar writer rubbing elbows with a covey of billionaires.
He flushed Cochrane from the woods like a frightened covey of Mississippi quail.
It's like quail hunting: A short, light 20-gauge gun is faster than a big, heavy 12 in covering a covey rise.
Our covey of jurors were all handed a 27-page questionnaire.
Just past a covey of restaurants, is well-established facility that can handle any problem.