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coverlet / покрывало, одеяло
имя существительное
cover, covering, veil, coverlet, spread, throw
blanket, coverlet, covering, coverlid, wrap
имя существительное
a bedspread, typically less than floor-length.
All hospitals have got sheets and coverlets .
My bed is perfect, complete with smotheringly huge pillows and a wolf coverlet .
A couple of fancy shirts, several pair of dress trousers, and other garments were neatly spread out on the eiderdown coverlet .
So I snuggled down under the coverlet without shame or regret.
Robert set aside the plush coverlet , moving again to help her fold the blankets.
The coverlet was thrown back on the bed, and lying on it, was his wife.
Wash it and dry it so that later washings, once the quilt is finished and used, won't shrink your coverlet out of shape.
She had taken the top coverlet and simply thrown it into the big trashcan, the mouse wrapped tightly within it.
He rested her head on her pillow and pulled her butterfly coverlet over her.
There was a slight movement and a pale hand moved on the coverlet .
If you enjoy quilting, don't settle for a simple coverlet for the guest room.