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covering / покрытие, покров, обшивка
имя существительное
coating, covering, carpet, casing, suffusion, chemise
cover, covering, veil, coat, blanket, mantle
skin, covering, sheathing, casing, shell, cover
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a thing used to cover something else, typically in order to protect or conceal it.
a vinyl floor covering
put something such as a cloth or lid on top of or in front of (something) in order to protect or conceal it.
the table had been covered with a checked tablecloth
deal with (a subject) by describing or analyzing its most important aspects or events.
a sequence of novels that will cover the period from 1968 to the present
(of a sum of money) be enough to pay (a bill or cost).
there are grants to cover the cost of materials for loft insulation
disguise the sound or fact of (something) with another sound or action.
Louise laughed to cover her embarrassment
aim a gun at (someone) in order to prevent them from moving or escaping.
He could only watch with an impressed look and cover her with his gun.
A covering of snow dusted the ground.
The seeds of many species have a fleshy outer covering , which is also edible.
The woman actually cut the thin, magnetic disk out of the plastic protective covering !
a vinyl floor covering
The primary units cannot be easily detected because of the dense covering of ragged elements on the shell surface.
the sky was obscured by a covering of cloud
They should be stored in a single layer with a loose covering of plastic wrap.
We know very little about the outer covering of the various types of dinosaurs.
The current and clarity of the water have given rise to a dense covering of vibrant soft and hard corals.
The drums will then be covered by several impervious layers before a covering of soil to ground level.