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coverall / комбинезон
рабочий комбинезон
  • blue coveralls - голубой комбинезон
имя существительное
a full-length protective outer garment often zipped up the front.
Moments later, a young girl with light brown hair and jean coveralls over a white shirt opened the door, a bright grin on her face.
Alcohol and tobacco somehow don't fall under the coverall category of 'drugs'.
This fits rather neatly with a coverall definition of 'art'.
a coverall term
a coverall term
I have always objected when the term 'English' is used as a coverall description for those things which are happening within the UK at large.
Quality clothing ranging from brush pants to insulated coveralls were all highly requested in our survey.
I'm kind of dirty, ‘apologized Adam, referring to his smudged blue coveralls .’
For the last eight years I've been wearing coveralls or a flight suit.
They were all dressed in white coveralls , of some fancy reflective material.
He should wear complete covering - hood, coveralls , rubber gloves, and rubber boots or washable non-canvas shoes.