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coverage / охват, зона действия, прикрытие
имя существительное
coverage, sweep, reach, envelopment, incidence, comprehension
зона действия
cover, protection, front, screen, coverage, shelter
имя существительное
the extent to which something deals with or applies to something else.
the grammar did not offer total coverage of the language
For full, in-depth coverage of the elections, don't miss our Special Report.
Given the lack of universal health insurance coverage , poverty and poor child health go hand in hand.
There is not the total coverage of the country that we had in the past.
Should it still be committed to universal coverage of a comprehensive range of services free at the point of care?
On the other issues the authors diverge sharply on the extent of coverage .
Beacon Hill brings approximately 177,000 people into BBC national digital radio coverage for the first time.
A farmer with APH insurance coverage receives an indemnity if the harvested yield is less than the yield guarantee.
We can guarantee that these broadcasts will receive global coverage on all networks including the BBC.
I agree that media coverage of the issue too often has been laden with generalizations, hyperbole and sensational images.
But this only applied to that company, since there were no other private stations with nation-wide coverage .